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Cassidy Anthony

Journalist and Film Academic


About Me

I'm a New England based journalist, film aficionado, magazine lover, and French speaker. My writing focuses on my passions, which include film scholarship, feminism, gender equality, and race representation in cinema, as well as many other cultural and social interests. I want to use my platform to speak about issues that matter and ones that have the ability to effect the masses on a daily basis.

I am a fast learner and can write effectively and succinctly about content that is even totally new or unfamiliar to me. 

I hold two Masters degrees from Kingston University, London, in Film Studies and Magazine Journalism. During these studies, I held positions as Deputy Editor and Chief Sub Editor for our magazine Loudly, which was nominated for Best Magazine Design by the Student Publication Awards. 

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Girls Will Be Boys: Mary Quant's Fashion Revolution of the 1960s

June 2019

1960s designer Mary Quant used fashion not only as a way to make women feel confident, but also to buck the system and start a revolution.

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The Four Most Memorable Movie Scenes Featuring Drones

January 2020

A comprehensive list of the most memorable movie scenes that were shot on a drone. Drones are becoming more and more common ways of filming, but only some do it dynamically.

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Dynasties, Does David Attenborough Do Enough to Save them?

November 2018

The prolific David Attenborough has been involved in countless nature documentaries throughout his untouchable career. His work in Dynasties is nothing short of a masterpiece -- but does his involvement ask the right questions? Does he challenge the right oppressors?

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The Bloody Truth Behind Menstruation in the Media

October 2018

Why is it that 50% of the population experience periods, yet we're still so hush-hush when it comes to talking about them? And does this feed into media's representation of period blood as a mysterious blue liquid? (Spoiler alert: yes it does.) 

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Sustainability Meets Style with Circular Economy Luxury Sportswear

January 2019

A curated list of the top luxury sportswear brands and the qualities that make them some of the most environmentally conscious on the market.

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An Eye for an Eye

September 2016

As it turns out, you don't have to substitute style for substance. The Boston-based eyewear company, IGo, makes you look good while doing good.

Magazines Stack

MA Film Studies Dissertation (First Class Honours)

‘Cinema of Suffering: Darren Aronofsky's Image of Suffering’

My dissertation explores the elements of Aronofsky’s directorial style that deem him an auteur, specifically focusing on his utilisation of the theme of suffering both on screen and off screen. This thematic suffering is analysed, ultimately revealing what Aronofsky’s emphasis on suffering tells us about cinema and society as a whole. The extent to which his work can be considered feminist is analysed and subsequently compared to overarching social issues, such as rape culture and the #metoo movement.


Skills & Abilities

  • Reporting

  • Research

  • IPSO Code

  • SEO

  • Interviewing

  • Sub-editing

  • Proofreading

  • Organization

  • Social Media

  • Photoshop/inDesign/Illustrator/ Premiere Pro

  • WordPress/Wix

  • Fluent in English and French


Work Experience

October 2020 - current

Freelance Writer: The List

• Write, edit, and submit four to five articles during the work day.

• Utilize Trello to pitch and select articles to write.

• Communicate regularly with other writers and editors via Slack.

January 2020 - April 2020

Freelance Writer: Dronegenuity

  • Pitch articles ideas pertaining to drone and UAV technology.

  • Conduct research in order to accurately and succinctly write articles.

  • Copyedit written work. 

March 2019 –– December 2019

Editorial Assistant and Head of London Team: ART SHE SAYS

  • Pitched article ideas that focused on women in the arts to editor.

  • Wrote and edited articles.

  • Attended art events and exhibits and analysed content. 

  • Completed research and interviews.

September 2018 –– April 2019

Deputy Editor/Chief Sub Editor: Loudly Magazine

  • Brainstormed article and design ideas with Loudly team.

  • Worked on inDesign to design and plan individual articles.

  • Wrote and edited weekly articles, and submitted to WordPress.

  • Collaborated with team to ensure deadlines were met, articles were accurate, and interviews were completed.

  • Attended photoshoots and helped plan photography for the magazine as a whole.

November 2018 –– February 2019

Editorial Assistant: Ethical Hedonist Magazine

  • Pitched article ideas to magazine editor.

  • Brainstormed new and unique content for the magazine.

  • Wrote and edited weekly articles, and submitted to WordPress.

  • Completed research for respective articles as well as finding and captioning photos.

  • Posted content to social media platforms.

September 2015 –– July 2017

Admissions Tour Guide and Harriet Newhall Fellow: Mount Holyoke College

  • Completed interview reports that summarized the given interviews and helped determine whether the prospective student was a good fit for the Mount Holyoke community.

  • Conducted on-campus interviews for prospective students who were interested in attending.

  • Gave tours of Mount Holyoke campus showing visitors around the 800-acre campus while describing the College's history, facilities, programs, and more.

  • Aided in planning and execution of admission special events, and corresponded with prospective students.

September 2014 –– May 2017

Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Mentor: Mount Holyoke College

  • Edited essay grammar and syntax from students who brought in work that needed editing. 

  •  Assisted with public speaking by listening and giving out advice. 

  • Analyzed essay theses and dissertations. 

  • Collaborated with professors to support student writing and speaking.

  • Assisted in developing leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Attended monthly meetings and worked on strategies to help students deal with stress and anxiety.

November 2013 –– September 2016

Web Editor: Mount Holyoke News

  • Edited the Mount Holyoke News website as the Web Editor.

  • Updated and maintained our various social media platforms.

  • Directed my assistants to complete all tasks effectively and completely.

  • Photographed for events, blogs, articles, website, etc.

  • Ran several blogs (Humans of Mount Holyoke, MHC Cribs, several food blogs) that involved taking photos, editing and uploading photos and videos to different social media platforms and accounts.

  • Excelled at learning and utilizing Wordpress and inDesign.

August 2016 - December 2016

Intern: Take Magazine

  • Wrote articles, headlines, and captions for publication.

  • Fact checked and copy edited.

  • Initiated weekly interviews for articles.

  • Obtained photos and photo information.

  • Researched for potential and assigned articles.

September 2014 - June 2015

Assistant to the Director of Classes and Reunion: Mount Holyoke College

  • Served as the assistant to Janet Glick, the Alumnae Association Director of the Classes and Reunion at Mount Holyoke College.

  • Assisted in choosing venues for future Classes and Reunion events.

  • Called local restaurants and businesses to query about holding events at their venues.

  • Toured potential Classes and Reunion venues.

  • Called and emailed Mount Holyoke alumnae asking for donations to the college and inquiring about Classes and Reunion attendance.


Cassidy Anthony

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